High neuron IDs should show up in BrainVisualizer


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Dear All,

I am using the NRP with direct nest.
Almost everything works quite well. I got
my own neuron model implemented and am
building the network right now.

One thing I don’t know how to solve is the
spike monitoring. If I use a NeuronMonitor
similar to the husky robot experiment the
spikes are monitored with their global ids.
That means that I can’t see the spikes of
all populations in the Brain Visualizer because
the ids are too high.
I read that the Device Parameter use_ids
can be set to False for the spike_recorder.
How do I have to modify the NeuronMonitor
function to implement that feature?

Here my up to date NeuronMonitor:

#Imported Python Transfer Function

#import hbp_nrp_cle.tf_framework as nrp
#This specifies that the neurons of the motor population
#should be monitored. You can see them in the spike train widget
@nrp.NeuronMonitor(nrp.brain.semd_lr, nrp.spike_recorder)
def all_neurons_spike_monitor(t):

  1. Uncomment to log into the ‘log-console’ visible in the simulation
    #clientLogger.info("Time: ", t)
    return True

Thank you and best regards,
Thorben Schoepe


Manos Angelidis
September 14, 2020, 12:16 PM

Waiting for feedback for the user to figure out the neuron model that he uses



Manos Angelidis


Ugo Albanese